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Aquariums and Zoos

Allana, WI | (none)
I love aquariums, But I also love science museums where you get to play around and explore. In Milwaukee Wisconsin we have the discovery museum, on the top floor there is a balcony looking over lake Michigan, one floor lower there are some hands on exhibits and a old ship that you can go on suspended above a model of the great lakes that has fish and fossils all over and hidden buttons that cause thunder and rain. and last but not least on the lowest floor there is a aquarium, they have native lake fish as the main exhibit and a tropical wing in the back, and even a mangrove exhibit. It is one seriously cool museum.

brandon, CT | (none)
yo dudes,i love aquariums!!!!! the last time i went to the aquarium with my old friend i loved it!!!!! peace out dogs!

no name, PA | (none)
You will totally have to go to the Virginia aquarium &marine scince Science Center.Totally awsome!!!!and for the last time !!totallyawsome

brian , CT | (none)
i went to the beradsley zoo

Logan, OK | (none)

Briana, NC | (none)
I think The NC zoo has an great enviorment for their wildlife!

Rasheeq, NY | (none)
You will love it at the New York zoos and aquariums. There are a lot of animals at the zoos and a lot of sea animals at the aquariums.

Jennifer, NY | (none)
Iam from Poughkipsse NY but my fav zoo is the Staten Island Zoo! YOU GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haley, CA | (none)
I think GPS help us.

BffsRock009, FL | (none)
My fav zoo is miami metro zoo... yeah, I havn't gone yet, but, i'm gettin there!

aidan, IL | (none)
what if 2 eggs cracked on top of each other and the egg on the top did not slip off

Pearl, AK | (none)
HI my name is Pearl ! How do you use a gps ?

alyssa, VT | (none)

cara, NC | (none)
i luv pbskids.my fave part is going to dragonflytv. its fun to learn. its sweet. luv it. bi. cara

jameike, CT | (none)
I know I'm from Hartford but my favorite zoo is the Bronx zoo because they have they have the best zoo rides in America and I want to go back. Kids across the country need to ask their parents to go to the Bronx zoo

Caroline, CA | (none)
I like the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They have super cute otters!

Balto, TN | (none)
I like the Tennessee aquarium! It's my favorite! It has lots of fish and alligators! Also you can pet stingrays and sharks! My Grandma and I like to go there all the time!

Aidan , FL | (none)
I like the Assinaboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, Canada. My favorite animals there are the prairie dogs.

Anita, CA | (none)
I just love San Diego !! I love the San Diego Zoo . I love the animals especially the elephants !!

maddy, TX | (none)
I like the zoo because it has all kinds of animals.

michaela, NY | (none)
the first aquariaum was fantastc it was all about the fish

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