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Natalie, GA | (none)
Did you know that snails have teeth? Yup! Ask me any thing about animals and I can tell you! If you have questions, or just wanting to know, the kid to ask is ME! I will be able to answer questions in about 1 to 2 weeks after I read the question (due to school and errands.) ASK ME!! :D

IBRAHIMA, NC | (none)
animals are cool like a rhino a wolf a bear a shark a whale many animals can do different jobs to help the world some dont some are almost exinct so lets help the animals so always be a big help to mother earth so do your best!

Delaney Parker, NY | (none)
I love animals. They are so cute and nice. I have a dog and a cat. They are so cute. My dog is a puppy, but my cat is a cat.They are so fun! My dog's name is Lulu! and my cat's name is Sister My name is Delaney. I am 7 years old and I live in the woods.

lezeig, NC | (none)
Are some kinds of frogs prone to mutations by exposure to UV light?

Alley, NY | (none)
White-tailed deer are allways in my backyard. I am intrested in them. I'm getting a weasle.I love all animals...you name it, I know it. Alley

sydni, NC | (none)
Did you no that turtles eggs can get damaged under the sand!

Nylaina, CA | (none)
Hi i realy like your site but some game,s i play is a little hard for me so can you make it even easyer for me pleas bye.

casey, AS | (none)
this site is awesome!

Miss Ankeny's Third Grade Class, PA | (none)
We watched a clip about the rainforest. We learned about the layers of the rainforest. The animals that are there and how they adapt in their habitat. We felt great and a smarter about what we learned!! :)

ZOOWLENCE, AL | (none)
Yes, some contentious moments, but generally agrees with the author of the topic.

Ceanna, TX | (none)
Hey I love wolves and have a dingo-dog named Cinnamen!

lizzie, MN | (none)
I <3 all animals.the animals i have are:horses,cats and dogs

cassie, CA | (none)
Allyn Smith's Banded Snail Almirante Trail Toad Aloeides caledoni Aloeides carolynnae Aloeides dentatis Aloeides egerides Aloeides kaplani Aloeides lutescens Aloeides merces Aloeides nollothi Aloeides nubilus Aloeides pringlei Aloeides rossouwi Alona hercegovinae Alona sketi Alona smirnovi Alosa vistonica

cassie, CA | (none)
all of my posts are endangerd animals

cassie, CA | (none)
my favoret animal is the bald eagal because it is so stong it can kill and carry a baby dear and its our natoins bird and emblem.

jaja, FL | (none)
hey wats up i love this show i like dogs i got one

Amya, WI | (none)
So i have a questin do what temperture does the place or home have to be for the eggs to hatch??????

amber, | (none)
hamstr is my pet

pautschgirl, IA | (none)
So i have a question.... does any one like cows here? Has anyone ever thought how cute a cow is, how just wonderful they are to be on this earth to supply us with everything we need to survive! Really they do....food, nutrition, and SO much more! That is why my list of favorite animals goes: Horses, Cows, then Dogs! Woo Rock on COWS!

hajran, KS | (none)
hi in my home out sid thar is a wild cat in my back yard and i trand it to come from the bush and comes on my deck i love cats i waet one cat but i cant have one

gorgo, NY | (none)
i have seen a cocatoo named oscar on teevee and he did not have fethers

dik, PA | (none)

chris, PA | (none)
i love elephants

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

Parkie10, IN | (none)
I have a rooster freaky uh? its bname is ruffel crow pretty neat he is really reallly neat and cool he reallly likes people very wired for a rooster i always thought that they were mean only some are!!

logan, PA | (none)
i have 1 pet it is a cat named leroy

b, NY | (none)
albatrosses are large gulls from Antarctica their big sea gulls that are super duper goiath goiath is a long word for big

loggy, FL | (none)
have you ever herd of an amoeba an amoeba is a cell

julia, OH | (none)
goats give us a speshall kind of milk. they make this wiered maa noise too.

tynikka, MS | (none)
My name is tynikka and i was wondering coes penguins have more then one egg at a time?

makayla, AL | (none)
at my house we have a pet cat and a fish.

makayla, | (none)
i have a pet cat. he is named coco.

Kiley, MO | (none)
Hey,my name is Kiley, I have 3 rabbits,I have know idea how many bunnys I have.I have 1 dog,used to have 2 pigs,I have 1 cat my mom got for her anniversary.And thats it...oh! And my mom wants a cow!!!

demi lavoto, CA | (none)
hey peeps whats up im looking for a science project for a little girl including animals but dont know what to choose got any ideas and yes this is the real demi lavoto

Lauren, FL | (none)
To Sophie, MO: Penguins kind of soud like a goose. And did you know, that when a penguin in pushing out an egg, It's screams VEARY LOUD!!! Well I hope you like what I have to say. Laren

Sam, CO | (none)
Do penguins gots knees?

aquamarin, NY | (none)
i gust love horses so i always go to things for animal and horses because i love horses

Don, CO | (none)
HOW do cows make milk.

Bug, TX | (none)
amber, there is a girl in my girlscouts and she is UPSESSED with manatees.She is crazy with them!!!!!!!! __________________ Kristen%u201A ONLY male platypuses have sacks on their feet;filled with a venomis liquid

animalover, | (none)
I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ariana, WA | (none)
I think all Animals are almost as important as Humans. I do not now why, but for som reason I like Preditors (Pr-ed-it-ors) Beter than Pray. (Preditors are the Animals that hunt and eat other animals.and pray are the animals that Are Hunted) My Favorite Preditor is the African Lion. and My Favorite out of the Pray is the Zebra. I am so Happy that Lots of Kids Love animals. When I grow up I want to be a Zoo Keeper.

alex, ME | (none)
why are all the animals in the show have to talk al the time.and they are funny to mewhan they talk .because animals can't talk in real life.

Reiley and Joshua, ID | (none)
Hello, we have a dog named Georgie, and she is a poodle. She is so cute. Just wanted to say how much we love animals!! Reiley10,Joshua9

nikki, TX | (none)
i would have to say that out of all the animals my favorite are monkeys. because they can help humans that have mental disabilities.

Mason, IA | (none)
Mason is on the ARTHUR web site

Karissa, IN | (none)
doga hunt in a pack because they have better pertection that way!!

Griffin, TX | (none)
I love anmltose and the Amzon Rainfoist .

Bell, MO | (none)
We learned about Manatees they are also called sea cows. They get new teeth when the old ones wear out. They usually have one baby called a calf. They take care of the calf for one or two years.

Bell, MO | (none)
Frogs hop around and are in ponds. They can freeze in winter.

Bell, MO | (none)
Usually a pack of dogs has a leader. The runt is sometimes the dog that doesn't get as much food as the rest of the pack.

grape, AL | (none)
Hello I'm new here And it looks like a interesting forum, so just wanted to say hello! :):):) And looking forward to participating.

Fred, CT | (none)
Chinchillas are endangered because people are ruining there habitat and are hunting them for there fur for hats and fur coat it also takes 100 Chinchillas to make a single coat

mattie, NC | (none)
I keep animals on a farm.I want to know what makes them grow so fast over the summer.I know that food and water makes them grow.But there must be something elese because its only about 2 months until the show.Please help!!!I love animals!!thank you if you help!!!!

GILLIAN, OH | (none)

GILLIAN, OH | (none)

Angel, SC | (none)
I love birds they are so wonderful

nicholas, FL | (none)
animals are cool the bald eagle is endangered

caitlin, FL | (none)
Why do dogs have a runt of the pack?

grace, MT | (none)
there a few bears when i used to live in bozeman but now i live near glacier national park and there are lots of bear

girl orca, CA | (none)
killer whales are the greatest of all the animals for me

sharlene, | (none)
the killer whales are the great whales

ashley, ON | (none)
poor polar bears global warming is killing them

brianna, CA | (none)
Animals are so cute and cuddlely. I have 3 of them I have a 2 dog's and 1 cat. My dog's names are ( tuff and tiffany) and my cats name is goochy. We call goochy a fleablag because she has to much flea so she live outside. But we still love her. we live at the beach so she lives in the rocks . The rock are in front of my house . I love my pets.

marine, AL | (none)
Hi everyone. My name is Ray, from Utica, NY. I will be visiting Poland soon, and I am hoping to meet my Polish relatives. I also hope some people from here may help me in contacting my relatives before my visit. Thanks and looking forward to meeting some great people on here!

Kelley, IA | (none)
fish float on top when they are dead.she is either out cold,or either as you said.and I am sorry,but she might die.

AnimalCrazy, CA | (none)
brooke, SC no, ligers are not endangered, and neither are tigons. Ligers and Tigons aren't natural species. they are crosses between tigers and lions, which in the wild would never meet. ligers and tigons cannot have cubs, so the only way to get them is to breed lions w/ tigers and tigers w/ lions. THIS IS JUST MY BELIEF: i think (in a way ) it is cruel to breed tigers and lions. it isnt natural and the cubs could have health poblems. this is just MY opinion!!

sabina, DC | (none)
Shuswap Science is fun because you learn about lot's of animals. Some don't have names yet!

juliA, IL | (none)
Did you know even insects are on the endagreded list!!!!!!!

ajean, AZ | (none)
are there any animals that live in az that start w/ the letter u or x?

brooke, SC | (none)
are ligers endanngered

Grace, MD | (none)
do worms come from eggs?

Madison, MI | (none)
yo i love Pumas there so awesome like my MOM!!!!

JJ, AS | (none)
Shelby KY, have you seen Ratatouille DVD? Bonus feature 'your friend the rat'?

Seung-Min, NS | (none)
Do you like puma?

taylor , TN | (none)
did you know that we kill 117 animals per second in the rainforest!that means need to recycle.bye.luv you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitlin, NC | (none)
Can I whach a t.v. thing about cheetahs  with out download it.

zarmig, HI | (none)
i love animels and i wont help its

MELISSA, CA | (none)

MEILSSA, CA | (none)

MELISSA, CA | (none)
HOW can be in the show.

Caroline, CA | (none)
Insects are so cool! I love the ones that have compound eyes. They probably have like a million eyes or something crazy like that!

Clare, CA | (none)
I love animals. So does my Dad

Clare, CA | (none)
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove animals. -Clare

kaley, CO | (none)
My favorite animals are moray eels, sharks, stingrays, dolphins, whales, sea turtles, opaleye, cats, and dogs.

AnimalCrazy, CA | (none)
Queen of the wild........ u r not the queen of the wild, just fyi

Elizabeth, MO | (none)
I love cheetas. Did you know cheetas can run 70 miles an hour. I just don't want cheetas to get killed. I just love cheetas they are my favorite animal.

Hannah, MO | (none)
I love horses. They eat grass.horses are so cute.I want to ride on one.

alligator, MO | (none)
I LOVE AniMals My Favrit is a peacock

super, MO | (none)
I love dogs there rilly cute I will olways like them

dog, MO | (none)
I love dogs dogs are sooooo cute i have a dog it is soooo cute

ocean, MO | (none)
I like spiders beeause they spin webs.

Angel, MO | (none)
Dlophins are so cute I want to see one some day at the ocean.

shark, MO | (none)
bugs aer soooooooo cute. I like praying manteses.

alison, ON | (none)
hi i was wondering where dose a cave go.

Natalie, MO | (none)
A bob cat is a big cat.When I was 2 my dad shot a big bob cat.

cc, KY | (none)
animals are cool also panda bears I LOVE ANIMALS!

queen of the wild, CO | (none)
to sophia a poacher is an evil person who kills animals for trophies or money

froggy, MO | (none)
I have 1 dog and i have 1 cat i use to have 2 cats but oen of them died i have to go bye

Bdog, MO | (none)
I have animals is a tigees

scooby, MO | (none)
I have four DOG But I Tack Care of My DOGS

Horse, MO | (none)
Melissa horse communicatr with their ears

Sophie, MO | (none)
Melissa from VA, Horses do communicate with their ears. If they are mad or scared they will lay their eats back and show their teeth.

Sophie, MO | (none)
Theresa, That's a lot of animals. Which one is your favorite? How old are your animals? How cool is New York? I have to go. Bye

Sophie, MO | (none)
What sound does a penguin make?

star, CA | (none)
i luv animals they soooooooooooooo cute!!!! i feel like i want to hold one

suzy, OR | (none)
hey ... i just wanted to share a little about my animals i live on a farm i have 5 acres and i curently own 3 horses .. (which i dont show) and i have 7 sheep i am raiseing for the clark county fair and i have two market turkeys i have too many chinkens to count my brother is raiseing six ducks for the market also i raise guide dogs for the blind which i really injoy i have 3 dogs not includeing my guide dog charity i have two goats and alot of cats i also have 1 guniea pig and a chinchila yup i have a farm

Theresa, NY | (none)
hello i have 5 dogs and 4 cats...also i have a bird my brother has a hamster and my sister has a gueine pig...(i dont think i spelled that right lol). my birds name is Sage and i got him for my 17th birthday. i love animals. my dogs manes are Nelly, Nacy, Nala, Noah, and Noel. yes all of their names start with the letter N. dont ask. my cats are Buddy, Girly Mama and Mazy. thats all from me. bye!

alanna, ID | (none)
I think all animals should be treated respectivly.

karen, IL | (none)

AnimalCrazy, CA | (none)
Justice KY, dogs can have up to 14 puppies, but its more common 4 them to have 3-5. hope it helps!! ask more questions if u have some!!

Adam, MA | (none)
I like dogs because there cute.

briana, OH | (none)
I like Animals they are so cute.Do you like animals? by I got to go

miciyo, HI | (none)
we kids are very smart and we have new, fresh minds that can always think of new ideas to help our planet and everything and everyone who lives on it. my first idea is to help all those animals out there. pumas, tigers,black bears mountian gorrillas ect. if that is what were aiming for (which it is) then we must find a way to get rid of all the poacher and hunters. ill send a new message when i think of an idea to solve our problem. tata for now!

Robyn, CA | (none)
I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remy, AZ | (none)
Give it up lions Elephants rule the jungle!!! Elephants could take down any lion that came over to them! ~ Shelby, KY ~X~ Excuse me, but have you not heard the stories where elephants crush the life out of tigers? Which, I might add, are somewhat stronger and larger than lions. If it came down to it, and the elephant were fighting for its territory and life, it would probably win.

Justice Meeks, KY | (none)
i would like to know how many pupies can a dog have?my mom said only to 4 pupies

J.J., NC | (none)
Dear Ms. Ivy, NH, and Sabrina, KY, some dolphins are killers and sharks gentle. The killer, a.k.a. Orca whale is a dolphin, and a whale shark is friendly.

J.J., NC | (none)
Ivy, NH and Sabrina, KY, believe it or not, KILLER WHALES are DOLPHINS, not whales. And WHALE SHARKS aren't whales and aren't dangerous.

Ella, IL | (none)
I think that we should not polute are waters because that is endangering fish and animals that live on the land because they drink water and if it is poluted it could kill the animals! do NOT polute are waters! it is killing are animals! so stop poluting our world now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beatriz, NY | (none)
I love all kinds of animals because they are adorable and also vere cccccuuuuuttttteeeee!!!!!!!

ella, MS | (none)
i love all kinds of animals . they should have there land that was theres in the frist place . these peaple need to stop cause if there is no animals there is no us . some of us eat animels and some of us eat plants (vegaten) and if there is no animel there is no nothing . so tell anyone that wants to heat animels that if you hurt them you will die of starvtion. so pleace save these loving animels.

Emily, ON | (none)
Animals are amazing, and I especially find animals like wolves and snow leopards beautiful. I think it is terrible how people will kill them for sport, 'souveniers' or money.

Mariela, CA | (none)
I love my betta fish!! It's blue and her name is Gina!! I'm really worried right now because we're treating her for a fungal infection (on her eye) and she's just lying at the bottom of the tank in the same position. (She's been like that for 2 days!!) Do you think she's just tired because of the medication or trying to get better?? I wish some one would tell me that she's not dead!! I don't think she is because she's not floating at the top but I don't know!! Is that even true?? (That if your fishy is dead that it will float at the top of the tank upside down?? Do any of you know how long I have to wait to see results that my betta is getting better after being given medication for a fungal infection?? PLEASE!! Some one has to know and tell me because I'm scared that my girl will die!!

sarah, OH | (none)
i love animals so much i think they should rool the wold instead of man.

wolfgirl, AZ | (none)
i love wolves and hope people will stop hunting them down. those storys like LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and THE THREE LITTLE PIGS are just storys and their NOT real. wolves are just like humans they live in familys like us!but i love all animals not just wolves!LONG LIVE WOLVES AND ANIMALS

Tiana, BC | (none)
i love all animals i have a hamster a dog fish and tree herit crabs my hamster is almost three years old

Capri, IL | (none)
I love every animal in the world, other than dogs. Birds are my fav animal, and second are cats, and dogs are my 40th fav animal. But puppies RULE!

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