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matter and motion


lilkaly, | (none)
Nobody taste air,but you can feel it in the wind.The leaves alow us to get air as god made it.The leaves are made by water coming up to the stem to make food for the tree and give us air to breathe.matter is anything that takes up space and has wiegh like us humans beings.

SuperSciGirl, | (none)
RE: Lia, NY | Air Can you taste air? Write back! No i don't think that u can taste air but sometimes it feels like u can don't it?

Air is what we need to breath so we can stay alive and not die for a long time.If we don't have air then we will die right away and in outer space on other planets air is poisiness and we can die there too.So that is why we should stay on earth so we can live.

hahalittleman, | (none)
y is air invisable?

Daneila , FL | (none)
Nobody taste air, but you can feel it in the wind. The leaves allow us to get air as God made it. The leaves make by water coming up to the stem to make food for the tree and give us air to breathe.Matter is descibed of anything that takes up space and has wiegh like us humans beings.

lyza , MI | (none)
did you know that air keeps you alive and water helps your body and milk helps your body to and apples helps your body to but just frute and oranges is a frute to a banna is a frute to that helps your body and keeps you heathy with frute

Christina, KS | (none)
why can we not see air

chelsea, GA | (none)
Breathing air in our body is what gives us oxygen to live.

Cody, CO | (none)
I wonder if it is possible to for water to be hollow?

addison, NE | (none)
can you taste air

Dedrah kowalski, MI | (none)
Air is what we breath and keeps us living forever. Air is oxagen that we need in our body.

alysha, MA | (none)
Can wind contiue forever?

alysha, MA | (none)
Can wind contiue forever?

Kenneth, NJ | (none)
Where does air come from?

Lia, NY | (none)
Can you taste air? Write back!

little crow, UT | (none)
Air and water are the most important fluids on earth.

Faith, CO | (none)
When you run into the wind it makes it harder to run, but when you run with the wind, it makes it easier. Isn't that a cool observation?

alex, WA | (none)
can air have weight? ps put up the answer.

mary, AZ | (none)
evaporation 2004 hemisphere million

huh, MX | (none)
hi what is matter

zayna, CO | (none)
broadly developed climate increased

Anna, MN | (none)
I've heard that breathing steaming air is good for a cold. Is that true?

Saja, PA | (none)
does the air pressure change the flight of a soccer ball?

MELISSA, CA | (none)
I'm 10 years old and I think we should clean air. Clea the mess we started. We should make clean coal plants. That's probably why China is so polluted.

MELISSA, CA | (none)
Me and my dad made a paper airplane but when it flew it flew upside down. Why dose it do this? If you want to see it fly%u201A you will need to have me on the show.because I want to be in the show. MELISSA

ROXY, HI | (none)
how much air pressure is in a soccer ball!!!! i have a science fair in april i NEED!!!ANSWERS!!!!QUICKLY!!!!!!PS THANXS

marissa, MS | (none)
I like your games because they are so challenging to me that even i can not figure them out.

BJ, WA | (none)

melanice, MD | (none)
thnx sooooo much my teacher just told my class today that we having our fair in 2 weeks i got some great project ideas from this site!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

olivia, CA | (none)
check out our scientiffic results when: testing how a mechanical failure can be diagnosed and corrected throgh observation and application of well understood natural laws such as gravity and momentum.(applicable forces) we have a website tridynamic.com (all one word.) check it out!

sydney, MI | (none)
why cant we see air

allison, NY | (none)
hey, i read all the queations. air is a matter. it exisbits definite property . First of all ., matter is any substance that has weight and occupies some space . so air occupies a lot of space so it is amatter. i,m from nepal

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