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how do you keep birds off airplane runways?

the clue
We're Chelsea and Lorenzo and we know that birds are a hazard near airports, so we experimented with some ways to shoo birds away. We began by making a scarecrow, to see if it would keep birds from a place where they usually come to feed. We set up our life-like, adult-sized scarecrow near a backyard bird feeder. We found that at first no birds came near the feeder, which made us think that our scarecrow worked. After a few days, though, some birds returned to the feeder, and one bird even landed on the scarecrow! Since our scarecrow didn't move or make noise, we decided that the birds knew the scarecrow wasn't alive, and weren't afraid of it anymore. Hmmm...is this a clue? How would you scare birds away from an airport?
whiz quiz
What has Brutus, a miniature dachshund, done more than 70 times?

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