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As DFTV’s host for GPS seasons, Eric traveled all over the United States to visit all the cool science centers featured in DragonflyTV: GPS. His advice for other kids is, “Go check out your local science center. You'll have an awesome time, and you'll learn some amazing stuff!” Back home, Eric is a sports kind of guy. He enjoys basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, snowboarding, and tennis. So DFTV put Eric to the athletic test, filming him ice skating, biking, and even throwing a lasso! Yippee-Eye-Aye! Eric also plays percussion, piano, and sax. And he’s is fluent in Italian! Hmmm… maybe there’s a science center in Italy to check out next!



image of mariko DragonflyTV’s talented Mariko, who co-hosted seasons 1-4, recalls that when she first started the show, she hated math and science. “But working with DragonflyTV showed me that science is not just beakers and lab coats. This stuff is actually really cool,” says Mariko. “I especially love how science and math are changing the world of technology. I can thank them for my IPod!” Eventually Mariko even recruited her younger sister to appear in several DFTV segments, including her favorite show “Forensic Science.” But Mariko’s all time best DFTV moment was feeding Michael mashed up Brussels sprouts in a blind taste test. “He didn’t know what he was gong to be eating and he freaked out!” she says Mariko, remembering this bit of super weird science!



image of michael Michael, who grew up in the well-known entertainment family of The Steeles, was DFTV’s co-host with Mariko in seasons 1-4. DFTV fans often note his natural enthusiasm for science and his ease handling science props in on-air activities. Perhaps that’s because Michael is also an accomplished magician. Since age 7, he’s been honing his magic skills, starting with small tricks and working towards large stage illusions. Michael has always enjoys performing magic because “it puts a smile on your face and takes you back to your childhood.” He performs around the country including the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.
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