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GPS: Yellowstone National Park's Canyon Visitor Center

location, location, location
The Canyon Visitor Center opened in August 2006. It's located pretty much smack in the middle of Yellowstone National Park, in the state of Wyoming.

what’s to see and do?
The exhibits in this new Visitor Center focus on the geology of the park. (Yellowstone is one of the Earth's largest active volcanoes and one of the most geologically dynamic areas on Earth.) Think big! Attractions include a room-sized relief model of Yellowstone; a 9,000 pound rotating globe highlighting volcanic hotspots; and one of the world's largest lava lamps, which illustrates how magma rises by heat convection! You'll also learn more about the park's famous hydrothermal features-aka geysers-which are featured in the DFTV segment.

just for kids
If you're going to Yellowstone, consider taking part in the Junior Rangers program for kids age 5-12. You'll attend a Ranger-led program, hike on a park trail, and complete activities on various park resources, issues, and concepts such as geology, park wildlife, and fire ecology. Feeling even more ambitious? Check out Expedition: Yellowstone!, a 4-5 day residential program ideal for fourth through eighth grade classes and home school groups desiring an in-depth educational experience.

visit from home
Yellowstone has an extensive website, found at www.nps.gov/yell. Also check out their online fieldtrips at windowsintowonderland.org.

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Go to the DFTV Boards and tell us about your science center visit.
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