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GPS: The Bakken Museum

location, location, location
The Bakken sits on the shores of pretty Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Minnesota

what’s to see and do?
This one-of-a-kind museum, named after the scientist who invented the pacemaker, focuses on electricity and magnetism in the life sciences and medicine. Visit the Spark of Life exhibit to learn more about electricity in the environment and the human body. The Mystery of Magnetism and Magnetism and the Human Body galleries look into this alluring force. And don't miss the electrarium, an electric aquarium that houses a black-ghost knife fish, a mormyrid, an electric eel and several transparent knife fish--all creatures that use electricity in some way!

just for kids
Want to know more about electricity and magnetism? The Bakken's Family Science Saturdays feature special events, hands-on activities, take-home projects and presentations. Its Saturday morning mentoring program is designed to develop kids' creativity and invention. Or sign up for a Wizard Workshop, where you can make your hair stand on end, experience the magic music of magnets, become a human battery, or make your own illuminated wand. And don't forget Summer Day Camp at the Bakken--it's electrifying!

visit from home
Check out this museum online at www.thebakken.org.

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