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GPS: Southeast Alaska Discovery Center

location, location, location
The Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, located on Main Street in Ketchikan, Alaska, is the main gateway to the Tongass National Forest, the United States' largest forest (almost 17 million acres to be exact!)

what’s to see and do?
You\'ll know you're not in Kansas anymore when you see the Discovery Center's collection of totem poles representing the three Native American tribes of Southeast Alaska: the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian. The rain forest exhibit explains everything you need to know about temperate rain forests, which are much cooler than tropical rain forests, but just as wet. The Tongass National Forest is a forest of islands covering most of southeast Alaska. It is part of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Temperate Rain Forest--the world's largest temperate rain forest. This rain forest begins just north of San Francisco, California and ends just south of Anchorage, Alaska!

just for kids
If your family is the outdoorsy type, the Southeast Alaska Discover Center is the place to launch your adventure. Its exhibits and hands-on learning features celebrate what's unique about Alaska, including BIG bears, whales, and lots and lots of trees.

visit from home
Visit the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center online at www.fs.fed.us/r10/tongass/districts/discoverycenter/index.html

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