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The Deep South
DragonflyTV takes you to Alabama and Mississippi...two states in the Deep South!

Joshua and Sean
Birmingham, AL is a city lots of stars call home - Ruben Studdard, Taylor Hicks, and Courtney Cox, just to name a few. Birmingham-based DragonflyTV stars, Joshua and Sean, get down and dirty with "garbology" at the Southern Environmental Center. Digging through garbage, these dumpster dudes investigate ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Katelyn and Blake
In Jackson, Missisippi, Katelyn and Blake check out the swamp exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science where they observe baby alligators. Then they head off-site to investigate the characteristics of gator habitats along the Mississippi River.

Real Scientist: Robbie HoodIn the Scientist Profile, DragonflyTV interviews Robbie Hood, a weather scientist with a special interest in hurricanes. Find out how she tracks them with radar and even flies through them in a plane!

Huntsville, Alabama has a science Secret that will floor you. Take the quiz to the right and test your Deep South IQ!

whiz quiz
What feature of a floor in Huntsville, AL makes it unique in the world?

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