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San Francisco

Claire and Nisha investigate quakesSan Francisco sits near the San Andreas fault, which is why they've had some really big earthquakes here. DragonflyTV investigators Claire and Nisha visit Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science to learn more about earthquakes. Then they head out to walk the San Andreas and Hayward fault lines, seeing evidence of displacement that occurred in previous quakes.

Peter, Emma, Aaron, Ixchel, and Kaitlyn at the ExploratoriumThe Bay Area has a unique mix of high technology and art. It's home to such creative tech companies as Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Apple Computer. Speaking of art, DragonflyTV visited one of the coolest science museums in the world-the Exploratorium! Here Peter, Emma, Aaron, Ixchel, and Kaitlyn learn all about light and color, before setting up an exhibit at their own school.

Real Scientist: Tyrone HayesLater DragonflyTV stops by another school-the University of California, Berkeley-to call on Tyrone Hayes, a scientist who studies frogs. Tyrone researches how chemicals in the environment, such as pesticides, keep amphibians from growing normally. Find out more about his work in this hoppin' Scientist Profile.

San Francisco is known for its extreme hills. In the early days, it was tough work for horses to haul heavy carts up and down these steep inclines. Along came a technological marvel: the cable car! But where's the cable? And how does it work? Give us your answer in the Whiz Quiz, just to the right on this page.

whiz quiz
Where are the cables that pull San Francisco's Cable Cars?

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