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GPS: Museum of Nature and Science

location, location, location
The Museum of Nature and Science is located in Fair Park, two miles east of downtown Dallas. Fair Park is home to nine museums and six performance facilities!

what’s to see and do?
The Museum of Nature and Science calls itself a hands-on, minds-on science museum and they aren't kidding! Inquiring minds will have an excellent time here. Do you know what happens when you push "send" on your cell phone? Or how a wireless network works? The museum's NetWorks exhibit answers these questions and more about the evolving technologies of telecommunications. Ever wonder why static electricity sets your hair on end? Find out in the TXU Electric Theater! Got questions about physics? outer space? Stop by the Hands-On Physics Gallery or the multimedia astronomy exhibit ViewSpace. An IMAX theater and a planetarium complete this super science facility.

just for kids
The Museum of Nature and Science's regular camp-ins for kids include access to more than 250 hands-on science exhibits and demonstrations, make-it and take-it workshops, and an IMAX show. Feeling even more ambitious? Boy and Girl Scouts can earn pins and badges at workshops designed especially for scouting organizations! Or check out the current roster of Science Workshops. These classes, which rotate each season, sport catchy titles like Invention Convention and Space'd Out Science. Sounds like fun!

visit from home
Check out the science fun online at www.natureandscience.org.

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