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New York

Jenn and Emily at the New York Hall of Science
New York City has 5 boroughs, or neighborhoods-4 of them are islands. Manhattan is the main one. And there's Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx. Stick with DragonflyTV as it scoots off to Queens to visit future Olympians, Jenn and Emily, as they slip slide away at the New York Hall of Science.

Stanley and Jessica at the Bronx Zoo
Next head to the world famous Bronx Zoo in, you guessed it, the Bronx. Here Stanley and Jessica, DFTV's expert animal observers, go on a safari in the African rainforest. Sounds like fun!

Real Scientist: Karin BlockAnd introducing, in the Scientist Profile, Karin Block, a scientist who has two rockin' careers-one in music and one in geology. Karin is an igneous paleontologist who studies the history of rocks beneath New York. Karin says, "science rocks!"

Central Park is a relaxing spot in the middle of the busy city. The park is two and a half miles long. Central Park is so natural to New York City that a lot of people might be surprised how it got here. Where did all these trees and ponds come from? Give us your answer in the Whiz Quiz, just to the right on this page.

whiz quiz
What was New York City's Central Park like before the park was built?

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