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New England

Elly, John, Nick, and LinneaMaine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts make up New England. Cambridge, MA is in the heart of the region, right next to Boston. The MIT Museum in Cambridge exhibits MIT scientists' work, including Arthur Ganson's gestural sculptures. Elly, John, Nick, and Linnea visit the Museum to get ideas for building their own sculptures for MIT's Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction challenge.

Chloe at Montshire
Norwich, Vermont is home to the Montshire Museum of Science, where Chloe and Jesse get wet and wild with water building their own, humongous gravity-powered water fountain.

Real Scientist: Cynthia BreazealIn the Scientist Profile, meet Cynthia Breazeal: a robotics expert who is interested in how to make robots exhibit human emotion. She introduces DragonflyTV to a new "anthropomorphic" robot called Leonardo, who has loads of personality...and a room full of toys!

A science secret in Boston reveals the innovative ways this city has grown. Can you guess how Boston has coped with its increasing population? Give us you answer in the Whiz Quiz, just to the right on this page.

whiz quiz
What is responsible for Boston's growth in landmass?

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