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GPS: New York Hall of Science

location, location, location
New York Hall of Science is located in Queens, one of the five boroughs of New York City. You can get to the Hall by subway, bus, or car.

what’s to see and do?
This hands-on science center has bragging rights to over 400 exhibits! These interactive displays cover science topics like networks, microbes, molecules, sports, and light. Does anything catch your interest? Or would you rather go out and play? The center's outdoor exhibits include Rocket Park, where you can climb in a space capsule, and the ever-popular Science Playground with giant slides and teeter-totter, a water play area, and more! The Hall also houses a Science Technology Library with a large multi-media science collection. Members can borrow items to take home--a super handy thing when you're crunching on your science fair project!

just for kids
The New York Hall of Science has several after-school science clubs, including The Digimania Club for kids in grades 5-9. Club themes change every semester, so you can keep on participating without ever saying, "been there, done that!" Or check out the Innovation Camps, which offer science adventures during the summer and other school breaks. Maybe one day you'll even become a New York Hall of Science Explainer. Explainers are high school and college students who train to help other kids understand all the cool science at the New York Hall of Science.

visit from home
You can find the New York Hall of Science online at www.nyscience.org--no transportation necessary! Be sure to check out the sci-games in the Interact Online section of the site.

more resources
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