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North Carolina

Sarah, Valencia, and SophiaDurham, North Carolina is known as the "City of Medicine," and is the center for a lot of cutting-edge science and technology. One of the best places to visit in Durham is the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science. Its new Explore the Wild exhibit-featuring diverse animals and wetlands-inspires SciGirls Sarah, Valencia and Sophia to find out what kinds of creatures live in North Carolina\'s wetlands.

Real Scientist: Ariana Sutton-GrierTeaming up with Ariana Sutton-Grier, a biologist at Duke University, Sarah, Valencia and Sophia go on a mini Bio-Blitz adventure that takes them to a cypress swamp, a salt marsh, and a pocosin forest.

Imran and Nabiel

Imran and Nabiel visit SciWorks in Winston-Salem, where the animals and barnyard exhibit get them thinking about why certain animals are found on farms while others aren't.

How exactly is Winston-Salem connected to New York City? Take the quiz to the right and find out!

whiz quiz
Winston-Salem is home to the prototype for what famous New York landmark?

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