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Montana Yellowstone

Nicole and Ellen in MontanaMontana is a dinosaur-lovers paradise! The Museum of the Rockies, located in Bozeman, has the largest Tyrannosaurus skull in the world, and one of its paleontologists, Dr. Jack Horner, was the inspiration for a character in Jurassic Park. At a famous Montana dig site, aspiring paleontologists Nicole and Ellen find a dino bone and then head to the MOR to figure how old the dinosaur was when it died.

Phoebe and Shannon in Yellowstone
Phoebe and Shannon visit Yellowstone National Park's Canyon Visitor Centerbefore exploring the park's geothermal features, investigating why some areas have geysers while others do not.

Real Scientist: John BeckmannReal Scientist: Aimee HartIn the Scientist Profile, DragonflyTV meets up with wildlife biologists Jon Beckmann and Aimee Hurt, who get to go to work with dogs everyday! But these dogs aren't just pets; they are specially trained to find poop, which the scientists then analyze to figure out what kind of animals live in a certain area.

Resting under Montana, Wyoming and Idaho is a science secret that just might blow you away. Can you guess what it is? Give us your best guess in the Whiz Quiz, just to the right on this page.
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What is Yellowstone National Park sitting on?

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