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GPS: Montshire Museum of Science

location, location, location
This museum is located in Norwich, VT just across the Connecticut River from Hanover, NH.

what’s to see and do?
Montshire has over 80 permanent exhibits, some located indoors and others found outdoors in the museum's two-acre science park. These exhibits cover a wide stretch of science territory, including: air and weather, anatomy, light and vision, live animals, mechanics and motion, natural history & the environment, sound, and water flow. In short, there's something for everyone at the Montshire! Warm weather visitors are sure to enjoy splashing about the water rill, a seasonal exhibit that is featured on DragonflyTV.

just for kids
If you can't keep busy being science saavy at Montshire, you're not trying! The museum offers a truly ambitious schedule of workshops, open labs, camp-ins, and week-long summer camp sessions for kids-in addition to a host of other activities for the whole family. Topics vary and change regularly, so check online for what\'s cooking at the Montshire.

visit from home
Check out the Monsthire on the Web at montshire.org.

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