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GPS: MIT Museum

location, location, location
This museum is sits in one of our nation's major science and technology hubs: the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. The MIT Museum's collections and exhibits interpret all the important scientific work-past and present-from the scientists and engineers at this leading technology school. Located right on the main thoroughfare in Cambridge, it's easy to find and to get to by public transportation.

what’s to see and do?
MIT Museum exhibits include everything from artificial intelligence to holography. Be sure to look for Kismet the sociable robot, a creation of Cynthia Breazeal, who is a Real Scientist featured in DFTV's New England episode. This episode also features Arthur Ganson's popular gestural sculptures, which move at the touch of a button. The world's largest collection of Ganson's work can be found at the museum. Don't miss it!

The MIT Museum opened a new gallery in 2007. Kids love examining the car of the future (with its engine in its wheels!) or dreaming about exploring the ocean with a hi-tech underwater machine. These intriguing items, and more, are exhibited in this highly-interactive space.

just for kids
You can get your entire family-or school-into the science act at the MIT Museum. Special happenings like the Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction event featured on DFTV, the Cambridge Science Festival, and special interactive programs on weekends and school vacation weeks encourage kids to bring along their parents for some serious science fun. In fact, with featured topics ranging from the science of chocolate to the science of sound, good luck leaving the grown ups at home!

visit from home
The MIT Museum\'s website is web.mit.edu/museum. Be sure to check out the videos of Arthur Ganson\'s creations at web.mit.edu/museum/exhibitions/ganson.html. And take a look at video from the F.A.T. event at web.mit.edu/museum/programs/fat.html.

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