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GPS: Exploratorium

location, location, location
The Exploratorium is located in the Palace of Fine Arts, near the Golden Gate Bridge-talk about some excellent site seeing!

what’s to see and do?
The Exploratorium is an experimental, hands-on kind of place with over 650 science, art, and human perception exhibits. Here's a sampling. Discover the unseen world of the Tactile Dome-an interactive excursion through total darkness, where you rely on your sense of touch as your guide. (Reservations required for this popular maze.) Or for a totally opposite experience, check out Seeing an exhibit devoted to visual phenomena. The Exploratorium's Traits of Life gallery includes the Microscope Imaging Station facility, where you can use microscopes and other precision instrumentation to observe the activities of living cells and organisms.

just for kids
The Exploratorium is designed for kids of all sizes. (Good luck leaving the adults out of the fun!) For the real kids, they have special science birthday parties, science classes for member kids, and summer science camps.

visit from home
Visit the Exploratorium at exploratorium.org to check out online exhibits, watch web casts, or conduct research in their digital library. The site also features some great online activities at exploratorium.org/explore/online.html and hands-on science activities at exploratorium.org/explore/handson.html.

more resources
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whiz quiz
If gecko could use every one of its setae, or tiny hairs, on all four feet, how much weight could it hold and still stick to the ceiling?

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