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location, location, location
Explora sits in Albuquerque, New Mexico, just across the street from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. Enjoy a science center double header and make a day of it in Albuquerque!

what’s to see and do?
A lot of science centers feature hands-on exhibits, but Explora's versions are unique. Most exhibits are small enough to fit on a table top, with hand-sized parts that you are supposed to touch! Explora wants visitors to leave evidence of previous activity for the next user to build on. It's part of their philosophy encouraging curiosity, communication, and community. Good idea!

just for kids
Explora's the place to go if you want to roll up your sleeves and get busy with interactive science, technology and art projects. The science center's After School Clubs offer semester-long workshops for kids in grades 4-8, including Explora Science Investigators, Multimedia Artists Studio, and Robo Task Force. Seasonal camps will keep you interested with daily themes like the Science and Art of Papermaking, Chemistry Sleuths, and MOLE (Magnification, Optics, and Laser Experiments). Or bring your sleeping bag and a group of friends (and a chaperone!) for an Overnight Camp-In. Here's another tip: Explora is a great place to practice your Spanish, with a bilingual staff on the exhibit floor or in educational programs taught in Spanish.

visit from home
¡Bienvenidos Explora! All the content on www.explora.us is available in Spanish and English.

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