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GPS: Carnegie Science Center

location, location, location
Carnegie Science Center is found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, directly across the street from Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This museum is one of four Carnegie museums found in the city.

what’s to see and do?
One of the museum's most popular exhibits is UPMC SportsWorks, where you can race an Olympic sprinter, pitch a fastball, or (as DFTV investigators Aditya and Tyler did) design a roller coaster! It's the world's largest science of sports exhibit! Or if sports aren't your thing, you can step inside a wind tunnel, feel an earthquake, or control a four-foot tornado as you explore the forces of nature in the SciQuest exhibit. Other visitor favorites include a cold war vintage submarine and a classic model railroad display. For a look at more modern science, check out the four-story Omnimax Theater or the Planetarium, which also features Laser Fantasy Shows.

just for kids
Just can't get enough science? Then the Science Sleepover is for you. Spend a night at all-science adventure at the museum. Or sign up for Mission Discovery, an intensive, year-round exploration program for middle school students and their families. The Carnegie Science Center even has a special program called the Girls, Math Science Partnership, which is for middle-school girls only. Check it out!

visit from home
You can check out the Carnegie Science Center online at www.carnegiesciencecenter.org.

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