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Phoenix Tucson

Anna and Alex with Rupert
Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, which brings many tourists to the state each year. Meanwhile Phoenix attracts some 13 million visitors to golf, shop, and relax. Anna and Alex take DragonflyTV along to the Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix to investigate how to keep their dog's house cool in the summertime desert. Get ready for DFTV Doghome Makeover!

Alex and Mark in the desert
Meanwhile in Tucson, 100 miles to the south, Alex and Mark head to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to see some Saguaro cacti that are 150 years old! The young scientists observe which creatures live in these prickly plants and why the gigantic cacti make decent desert homes!

Real Scientist: Dave MorrisAlso meet Dave Morris, an ethnobotanist who's an expert at how native people in Arizona used plant materials for structures, everyday objects, food, medicine, and as spiritual aids. Find out more about Dave's work in the Scientist Profile.

Phoenix baseball fans love their Diamondbacks. But playing baseball in this heat can be extreme. How do they keep Chase Field cool in the middle of a desert? Give us your answer in the Whiz Quiz, just to the right on this page!

whiz quiz
How does sunlight get into Phoenix's Chase Field stadium?

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