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GPS: Aquarium of the Pacific

location, location, location
The Aquarium of the Pacific sits near Rainbow Harbor in downtown Long Beach, California.

what’s to see and do?
The Aquarium of the Pacific, one of the largest aquariums in the United States, spotlights three regions of the Earth's largest ocean. You can learn about the nearby waters of Southern California and Baja, the frigid waters of the North Pacific, and the colorful reefs of the Tropical Pacific. If you go, don't miss the aquarium's Shark Lagoon, where you can touch live sharks. Also take a behind-the-scenes tour to see how the scientists at the aquarium keep more than 500 species of animals healthy! And check out the Sea Jellies Gallery to investigate how jellyfish have survived for 650 million years without brains or hearts. Now that's a real no-brainer! During the summer months, the aquarium's Ocean Experience boat trip takes visitors into Long Beach Harbor to explore the marine life and environment of the Pacific.

just for kids
Interested in all things aquatic? Then the Aquarium of the Pacific has some sea-worthy programs for you! Kids can join the Junior Biologist Program, job shadow a real-life marine biologist, or attend a summertime day camp. Or bring the whole family to stay over at the Aquarium during one of its regularly scheduled sleepovers! And, while you've got a grown up along, set sail on a Whale Cruise or a Nature by Kayak expedition.

visit from home
Learn more about the Aquarium of the Pacific by visiting its Website at www.aquariumofpacific.org.

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