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Drew Gorton, Gorton Studios
Richard Morgan, TPT

Garrick Willhite, Gorton Studios

Producers | Writers
Joan Freese, TPT
Erika Stenrick, Gorton Studios

Science Advisor | Writer
Rick Pommier Swanson

Production Assistance
Davis Draheim
Nick Watts

Production Manager
Jennie Reedquist

Supervising Producers
Sandy Schonning
Gary Leatherman

Executive Producer
Richard C. Hudson

Games Design and Programming
Red Hill Studios
Creative Director: Robert Hone
Senior Producer: Walter Sanford
Art Director: Patrick McEvoy
Lead Artist: Todd Elliott
Lead Programmer: Marc Tanenbaum
Programmer: J.A. Nelson
Artists: Steve McEntee & Ben Zoltewicz
QA Testers: C.A. de Nassaince & Travis Parker
Beta Testers: Danielle Hone, Holly Hone, Ethan Atwood, Georgie Marcou & Jack Marcou

Matching Games and Super Science Spinner
Portage Interactive

Executive in Charge of Production
Gerald Richman

Special Thanks
Indigo Systems for their assistance on our Paragliding segment.
Solaractive International for their assistance on our Sunscreen segment.
Underground Adventures for their assistance on our Caves segment.

Thanks to Editor Abby Jenkins, PBS KIDS GO Interactive, and the entire interactive team for their help.

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What animal's fingerprints are virtually identical to human's?

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