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Weird, Wacky Weather!

Ever wondered why a hurricane forms? Or what makes tornadoes spin? Check out these DFTV Investigations where kids like you get in on the weather action:

  • Mari and Lindsey were curious as to how weather was forecasted before the use of Doppler radar, instead using folklore legends to determine the weather. They use four popular folk legends to explore how accurate they were at predicting the weather.
  • Sullivan and Alexa are fascinated by tornadoes, though they are too dangerous to get up close and study. By creating their own tornadoes using a humidifier and a fan they try to determine which is more important in forming a tornado, a sidewind or an updraft?
  • Issac and Anjali live in sunny California. They know that people are using the sun to provide energy to businesses and homes. Isaac even has a toy solar car. Their question: How does the sun's position in the sky affect a solar car's performance?
  • Aaron and Justin are outside a lot in sunny southern Cal, so they slather on the sunscreen. With all of the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) numbers available, the boys want to know: What SPF lotion really works best at keeping out the sun's harmful UV rays?

Wanna learn more about weather phenomena? Check out these Real Scientists: Professor of Meteorology, Howie Bluestein, Wind Research Assistant, Ameri Gurley, Hurricane Researcher, Jason Dunion, and Hurricane Huntress, Robbie Hood. All of these talented scientists devote their lives and careers to better understanding our weird, wacky, and wonderful weather!

Master the wind in DFTV’s Sailing Game.

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