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It’s a Waterful World

Did you know that 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water? And ours is the only planet whose surface has liquid water on it. That’s an important feature, given water supports life as we know it! DragonflyTV investigators know something else about water: it’s a fascinating subject to study!

Check out these Wonderous Water Investigations:

  • River kayakers Jenny, Simi, and Danny know a thing or two about fast water! But they have one question that needs answering: Why are there different rocks in different rapids?
  • Margaret and Elizabeth visit the Science Museum of Minnesota’s mini-golf course that was designed so kids can learn about rivers while putting on terra firma. As they played this specialized course, their DFTV question took shape: What do rivers do to the land?
  • Ciara, Brittney, and Maria build a boat entirely out of milk cartons to enter in a hometown race! Using 150 milk cartons, they design a boat that will carry all three of them in a race. Their DFTV question: What boat shape or design is most effective?
  • San Diego resident Carsten loves to surf along the city’s 70 miles of Pacific coastline! His question is straightforward: Where are the best waves?
  • Whitewater Rafters Rasheed, Kohner, Scotty, and JB enjoy the splashy thrills of the American River. Here’s their question: what makes the water flow differently in the rapids compared to a calmer stretch of river?
  • In the world of geology, thermal basins are places where there are lots of geysers or hot springs. DFTV investigators Phoebe and Shannon scour Yellowstone National Park to determine: Why doesn’t every thermal basin have a geyser?
  • Meanwhile, in Alaska Deborah and Brittani visit the Mendenhall Glacier, which gets them thinking about global warming. They wonder: How fast are the glaciers melting?
  • North Carolina SciGirls Sarah, Valencia, and Sophia ask: What plants and animals live in wetlands?
  • Megan and Ian scuba dive off the coast of California to answer their DFTV question: Do larger animals live at the top of the kelp forest or at the bottom?
  • And Jaq and Niki make quite a splash with their favorite sport—diving! So dive into their DragonflyTV question: How should we dive to reduce splash and achieve higher scores?

Go Sailing or drive an underwater ROV in these popular Games.

Water is these Real Scientists business! Meet Hydrologist Vidal Mendoza, Marine Biologists Michelle Jeffries and Lisa McCartney, and Ocean Scientist Dick Yue.  

Ready to get your own hands wet? Check out these Do Its that use good old H20: bag on a stick, charged comb and water, colored water convection, and surface tension.

Or watch other kids get wet in these DFTV Riddles: How can you paddle a canoe without using your arms? How can you wakeboard without a motor boat? How do you weigh a whale? Find out now!

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