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Snow Globe

Baby, it’s cold outside! When the frigid weather comes, you can turn into a couch potato for a few months or get out and enjoy the winter DFTV-style!

Check out these Top Snow and Ice Investigations:

  • Eliot and Rhiana design a figure skating challenge, trying to decide: What makes us the most dizzy--how we hold our heads when we spin or where we look?
  • Alexa, Jenaya, and Miriah know about ice and snow! Their family raises sled dogs to run as teams during cold Minnesota winters. The girls are busy putting together a new team of four dogs and want to know: Can we use dog respiration rate as a way to match dogs up in a team?
  • When Mimi, Haley, Tara, and Lauren talk curling, they don't mean their hair! Their favorite sport, curling, involves sliding four heavy rocks down an icy surface at the center of a target. The curling girls are curious: How does the spin we put on the rocks affect where it goes?
  • Hockey heads Tess, Alison, and Christina want to know: How does a hockey stick's flex affect our shooting power and accuracy?
  • Ever heard of an ice bike? When Bob and Brennan feel the need for speed, they ask: How many studs should we add for maximum speed on ice?
  • Don't try this at home. Seriously! Ski jumpers Karl, Garrett, and John want to find out: Which ski jump positions work best, our moves or the old-school ways?
  • Speaking of homes... Morgan, Thianna, and Rio are busy building snow shelters, trying to determine: Is there any way snow can keep us warm?
  • Meanwhile, super speed skaters Sarah, Lisa, Ned, and Eric take on high-speed turns with their DFTV question: Should we enter the turn in a tight, medium, or wide fashion to maintain speed?
  • And last, but not least, Jen and Emily experiment with one of the fastest sports on ice--luge. Their DFTV question: Can we improve our start times by paddling more with our hands?

Talk about a dream job! Real Scientist Phillip Tong is a research scientist who works with ice cream, finding ways to improve the process for making it and coming up with tasty new flavor ideas.

Still haven't had enough snow and ice? Then go ice fishing with this funtastic Super Do It.

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