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Got Science Fair Savvy?

Well it's that time of year! Watch this amazing animated video, created by high school student, KEVIN TEMMER (www.kevintemmer.com), to get the 411 on making science fair projects that really rock!

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© 2010 Kevin Temmer

Check out these science fair projects by smart kids like you that became INVESTIGATIONS seen on DFTV:

  • Nathanial loves auto racing and knows race cars are tested in wind tunnels. So he made his own wind tunnel for his science fair project to answer his question: Which vehicle shape is the most aerodynamic?
  • Ting and Mallory are all about horsing around! They heard that their equine friends communicate with their ears and designed a science fair experiment to find out whether putting on fake horse ears would allow them to talk to the animals!
  • Jeff is a young toy inventor who also survived cancer with some help from his furry friends. He noticed that pets always made him smile, even on the toughest days. He won his science fair when he and his sister, Jenny, wanted to see if holding pets could help lessen pain for kids like him who had painful medical procedures.

Inspired to participate in your science fair, but still need a great idea for an investigation? Give the SUPER SCIENCE SPINNER a whirl or two!

Wanna know more? Take a look at DragonflyTV's SIMPLE STEPS TO SCIENCE FAIR SUCCESS. Did we mention they were simple?

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