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You might be thinking: So what is all this nano talk anyway? To really understand the nanoscale, be prepared to think small. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. That means that the size of a nanometer compared to a meter is like the size of a marble compared to the earth!

Wanna learn more? Check out these DragonflyTV nature Investigations:

What's Nano? Ebony and Jasmine ask: How big is one billion? And how small is one billionth?

Where's Nano? Regina, Linda, Harrison, Jared, Lorenz, and Randi, ask: What examples of nanoscale sciene and technology can we find in our everyday lives?

Hockey Sticks Nicholas and Jordan are real hockey heads and want to know: How do carbon nanotube hockey sticks compare to wood and composite sticks?

Butterfly Wings Emily and Julie ponder the beauty of nano, wondering: why do some butterflies change color when you look at them from different angles?

Surface Area Lara and Anushua get the 411 on surface area. Their question: How does survace area ffect how things react?

Stained Glass Alettie and Yvonne attempt to solve a colorful nano puzzle: How can gold look red and silver look yellow?

Gecko Feet Rock climbers Jennifer and Nooshin want to know: Which lizards are the best climbers?

Nasturtium Leaves Jasmine and Melinda wonder: Why does water bead up on some plants and not others?

Self Assembly Keely and Connor are curious: How can some things assemble all by themselves?

Bone Regrowth Kobel, Nathan, and Adam ask: What's the best nanomixture to make the strongest bone repair?

Water Clean Up Taylor and Gabe want to know: Can nanoiron clean up the pollution in soil and prevent it from getting into drinking water?

Nanosilver Sarah and Mande's DFTV question: Does any nanosilver leak out of socks when they are  washed?

To get you thinking small, DFTV has created fun new Game called Nanobots. Find out how forces work in the nanoworld! Design a Nanrobot and choose a challenging course. Or create a course to upload for other gamers to play.

Then take a minute to tell us the smallest thing you can think of on our new Nano Small Talk Message Board.

For some Hands-on Science Fun, attend a NanoDays event near you. More than 200 Science Centers, Museums, and Universities across the country will be hosting events between March 28 and April 5, 2009. Check out our Find a Science Center feature to locate a museum near you.

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