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Go Green

Earth Day is April 22 each year, but environmental work is a year-round challenge. DragonflyTV knows kids like you are doing their part to help! Here are some of the best ecology resources on our site. Take a look and get inspired to go green!

Check out these Eco-Friendly Investigations:

  • In Birmingham, Alabama, Joshua and Sean ask: What kind of waste is our school producing, and how can we reduce it?
  • Alaska-based DFTVers Deborah and Brittani take global warming to task, investigating: How fast are the glaciers melting?
  • Meanwhile, DFTV tree huggers Emma and Gracie ask: How long would it take for a new tree to grow as big as an old growth tree?
  • In North Carolina, Valencia, Sarah, and Sophia check out local wetlands to discover: What plants and animals live in wetlands?
  • Florida investigators Kristen and Christopher learn more about endangered Manatees on the Crystal River, answering the question: Are these the same manatees we saw last year?
  • Also in Florida, Elissa and Julia check out: Is the weevil slowing the spread of melaleuca trees, an invasive species, in the Everglades?
  • Carlos and Akeem help with turtle research in Juno Beach, Florida where they track threatened loggerhead, wondering: How many loggerhead babies make it from their nest to the water?
  • Isaac and Anjali get the low-down on alternative fuels, asking: How does the sun's position in the sky affect a solar car's performance?
  • Kevin goes to great lengths with his worm farm, asking: How can worms help us with our garbage?

DFTV's Got Green Game! Check out Weebit World, which lets you practice balancing an ecosystem—in this case weebits and plants.

Do you see green? Find out with this Red or Green? Science Surprise

Let us know what you’re doing to go green in your community. Visit the new Eco-Friends Message Board.

There are all kinds of Real Scientists working hard to make sure our planet is a healthy place to live. Here are just a few: Wetland Ecologist Ariana Sutton-Grier, Cheetah Conservationist Laurie Marker, Hydrologist Vidal Mendoza, Solar Vehicle Engineer Travis Lee, and Frog Scientist Tyrone Hayes.


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