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Get Out!

Take the DFTV challenge: get outside to explore the world around you! Here are some great science ideas to get you started.


Check out these DragonflyTV nature Investigations:

  • Aspen, Colorado based rock climbers Jesse and Gordon's DFTV question is: How do different rock types affect our climbing?
  • Victoria and Alejandra want to know: Why are some dunes full of plants and others aren't?
  • Mountain Bikers Ari and JR bike on some of the wildest rock formations in the country in Moab, Utah, where they've learned that no two trails are alike. That got them thinking: Why are these trails so different?
  • Kayakers Jenny, Simi, and Danny call rapids "nature's roller coasters." Their kayak question: Why are there different rocks in different rapids?
  • Megan and Ian love to scuba dive off the California coast. Their DFTV query: Do larger animals live at the top of the kelp forest or at the bottom?
  • Avid trekker Ravi hikes the Santa Monica mountains for fun. He wonders: What's the better nav tool—a GPS or a good old map and compass?
  • Emma and Gracie visit Tongass National Forest near Ketchikan, Alaska, to find out: How long would it take for a new tree to grow as big as an old growth tree? 

How can you go 80 miles per hour on a bicycle? (Hmm…Is this a trick question?) Find out when you solve the High Speed Bike Riddle.

Breathless after all that exercise? Then take a quick break and try the Leaf Me Alone super Do It to see how plants use their leaves to breathe.

Meet some really interesting Real Scientists whose work is all about the great outdoors: wetland ecologist Ariana Sutton-Grier, aquatic biologist Carlos de la Rosa, marine geologist Carol Reiss, and wildlife biologist John Beckmann.

Let us know all about your latest outdoor adventure. Visit DFTV's new Outdoor Life Message Board.

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