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Dog Days

Know the saying “a dog is man’s best friend?” Well DFTV is fond of canine creatures as well! Check out these Top Dog Investigations:

  • Elizabeth and Caitlin have dogs named Sassie and Chime. They're agility dogs, and they’ve been in training since they were puppies. The girls' DFTV question: Can our dogs see colors or are they really colorblind?
  • DFTV investigator Jeff asks: Can holding a furry friend help lessen pain for kids who have to have a painful medical procedure?
  • Sisters Alexa, Jenaya and Miriah’s family raises and races sled dogs. The girls are trying to put together a new team of four dogs and want to know: Can dog respiration rate be used as a way to match dogs up in a team?
  • Anna and Laura are proud pet owners of Fischer and Lucy. Here’s their question: Which dog is better at solving problems?
  • And desert dwellers Anna and Alex decide to build their dog Rupert a place to hang out. Their quest: How can we build a doghouse to keep Rupert cool?

Take a minute to meet Dr. Ben Ho, a super Real Scientist who puts his interest in dogs to work—and gets paid for it!

Feel like experimenting? Check out Dog Breeding, a Fly Sci Game that’ll have you thinking like a geneticist (a scientist who studies heredity and variation in plants and animals) as you try to breed a border collie puppy with select traits.

Message Board Mania
  • Ever heard of a Snoodle? In the dog world, that’s a poodle-schnauzer hybrid or mix. And a Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador and Poodle. (Labradoodles are good pets for people with allergies.) These “designer dogs” got DFTV thinking about other fun dog mixes. Like what do you get when you cross a Great Dane and a Scottish Terrier? Why a Great Scott, of course! Post your best ideas on the Design-a-Dog Board.
  • Got a good dog tale? Share it on DFTV's Dog Board.

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What is the largest litter ever born to a dog?

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What has Brutus, a miniature dachshund, done more than 70 times?

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