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Creature Feature!

Do you have a passion for animals of all kinds? Then check out DFTV’s Investigations on the furriest, scaliest creatures around!

Here are some real life investigations done by kids like you:

  • Matt, Danny and Kyndal are crazy about animals, especially baby ones. Over the course of a month they visit their local zoo trying to determine the answer to their puzzling science question: Which animal will grow the fastest: a calf, a chick or a piglet?
  • Elizabeth and Caitlin have dogs Sassie and Chime who are agility dogs and have been in training since they were puppies. They are curious whether or not their dogs can see colors. Using a series of gray and different colored balls, they conduct an experiment to determine once and for all: Are their dogs colorblind?
  • Stanley and Jessica are exploring the African rain forest in their hometown— New York City!  At the Bronx Zoo, they observe a concept called biodiversity, which describes when a bunch of different species all live together in the same habitat. Through observations and recordings of twelve of the animals in the Bronx Zoo Congo Exhibit, they answer their question: How  can so many different kinds of animals and plants live together in the rain forest?
  • Hilary is a volunteer at the Dolphin Research Center in Florida where she spends time with dolphins and leads tours, among other things. Her time with the dolphins got her thinking: How much time do dolphins hang out in pairs?
  • Cleo, Brittany, and Molly are fascinated if cats are left-handed or right-handed, just like humans. They go through a series of investigations using Cleo’s kitties to determine once and for all: Do felines have a hand preference?
  • Jeff and Jenny are a sibling duo who have dealt with Jeff having cancer. When he had his toughest days, animals were always able to make him smile. With the help of his sister, he wants to determine: Are animals able to soften the pain and stress of children who are undergoing a painful medical procedure?
  • Carlos and Akeem work with researchers at the Marine Life Center, where they study endangered turtles. They want to know the habits of the three endangered species of turtles, particularly the loggerhead. Their DFTV question: How many loggerhead babies make it from their nest to the water?

Wanna know more about marine animals? Check out Real Scientist marine biologist, Lisa McCartney, who studies the behavior of a giant pacific octopus named “KG” who lives in the Underwater Adventures aquarium at the Mall of America.

Or try your own hand at identifying animal prints with their owner in the Matching Game.

Check out the Do Its section and create your very own Fish Mummy over the course of a few weeks.


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