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Cool For School

Want to put some science fun in your school days? Check out these DFTV Investigations done by cool school kids like you:

  • Cameron and Ashley are curious if breakfast is important for school performance. Some of their friends will skip breakfast every once and a while. They want to know:,Does skipping breakfast affect how well kids do on tests?
  • Jada and Maurna want to find out if exercise makes a person’s brain work better. They devise their own at home memory test in search of the answer: Can exercise really improve a person’s memory and be the answer to getting better grades at school?
  • Brittney and Maggie love playing volleyball on their team, especially the feeling of cheering their teammates on and motivating everyone. However, they are curious if talking on the court is helpful or distracting. How much is too much?

Wanna further your interest in healthy eating for school? Check out Corey Scott, a Real Scientist nutritionist for General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, who looks very closely at the composition of fruits and vegetables.

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