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Body Works

If you are intrigued by the human body and the way it protects itself and senses taste and smell, this is the place for you!

Here are DFTV Investigations done by body curious kids like you:

  • Rylee has a myoelectric prosthetic arm, which works with electrodes that sense electrical signals in her muscles. Rylee and her friend Kristin go to The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis which focuses mainly on electricity and the human body. She wants to know: How do the electrical signals in her body help her arm work?
  • After Kobel and Nathan ’s friend, Adam, breaks his leg from a skateboarding accident they become interested in mixtures of nanotubes and minerals that can be injected into broken bones and heal it almost instantly. By using different mixtures and sponge bones they try to answer this question: What’s the best nanomixture to make the strongest bone repair?
  • Jada and Maurna are curious if  exercise can make a person’s brain work better. They devise their own at home memory test in search of the answer: Can exercise really improve a person’s memory?
  • Aaron and Justin hail from sunny Southern California where they are outside all the time—so naturally they always put on tons of sunscreen. Through a series of different SPF tests on a special type of plastic water bottle that changes in the sunlight, they try to determine: Which SPF lotion works best at keeping out the sun’s harmful UV rays?
  • Leah, Folabi and Julia love to eat their favorite foods, but hate it when they have a cold and can’t seem to taste them as well. Wearing nose plugs and eating different foods, they try to find out: Just how much do our noses have to do with taste?

Are you itching to figure out more about the body? If so, then you should check out Real Scientist Danny Smith, who creates models of the human body using different kinds of plastic to mold the different body parts.

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