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Don't Buy It: Guide for Teachers

Children spend the majority of their days consuming mass media. On average, children spend four-and-a-half hours a day using television, video games and computers. Yet children are not provided with the tools needed to evaluate and analyze the media messages they see.

Teachers have the ability to engage students in media literacy — the ability to access, evaluate, analyze and produce both electronic and print media — by dissecting pop culture and advertisements. Media literacy education can help students build critical thinking and analytic skills, become more discriminating in the use of mass media, distinguish between reality and fantasy, and consider whether media values are their values.

This section provides extension classroom activities related to the games on Don't Buy It. The activities are intended for children in grades 3 - 5 and offer suggestions to incorporate media education into your curriculum.

Tips for Teachers

Are You Plugged In?

Cost of Cool

Create Your Own Ad

Design Your Own Cereal Box

Food Advertising Tricks

Teen Heroes

What's in the Shopping Bag?

Is the Price Right?

Create a Popstar

Download TV Diary

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