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Money and Music
What would you do if you were in the band's shoes?
Would you sell your music to be used in a commercial?
No Way
It depends on the money
The Walkmen
The Walkmen and their Car Commercial

The rock group The Walkmen have a song called "We've Been Had," which was used in a Saturn car commercial. Don't Buy It had a chance to talk to Hamilton Leithauser, the lead singer of The Walkmen, and ask him about this experience.

DBI: Why did you decide to use your music in a commercial?

Hamilton: The main reason was money. The money from Saturn gave us the chance to make more music. Selling songs to advertisers was a way for us as an independent band to make extra money and spend time concentrating on music and not have to work at another job.

DBI: Have any other companies asked to use your music?

Hamilton: The Gap also asked us for our music. But, we said no.

DBI: What made the band choose Saturn and not the Gap?

Hamilton: The whole process with Saturn seemed to be far more innocent then with the Gap. Saturn came to us with the complete commercial and we only used a small part of our song. With the Gap, it seemed to be more about our image and not the music.


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