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What's In an Ad?
Philip Morris
Philip Morris commercial
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What is the best way for advertisements to convince kids not to smoke?
Show gross pictures of the harm that smoking causes.
Tell parents to talk to their kids about smoking.
Make smoking look totally lame.
Choose Again
Philip Morris — Talk, They'll Listen

Who's the target?
This ad is for the parents of teenagers.

What's in it?
Philip Morris, a cigarette maker, created this ad because it's trying to improve its image. They want to look like nice guys. But just think, they sell a product that hurts people. Each day, more than 2,000 kids become new smokers. About a third of those new smokers will eventually die from smoking-related diseases.

This ad tells parents to watch out for their children's friends because those teens might push cigarettes on their children. It tells parents to talk to their kids as a way to fight unhealthy influences. But are other teens really the enemy? Why doesn't it also say that parents need to fight the influences of cigarette makers?
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