Cardboard Structures

Become a Top Builder! Design and build a strong cardboard structure!

What can you build with only cardboard and tape? We challenge you to make a strong structure, like a step-stool or a bed or table for a stuffed animal. Use the corrugation – the middle layer – of the cardboard to make your design sturdy. Think about the direction that you put the corrugation of the cardboard with your design. How can you build a strong structure? What will you build?

Submit a photo of your design to the Top Builder: Cardboard Structure Challenge using the form below by October 27, 2017. And no selfies, please — structures only! Note we can only accept one submission per user. 

Our favorite designs will be highlighted right here and you can vote for the best! The Builder with the most votes will earn a special sticker he or she can use on the Design Squad website.

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