Handy Helper

Some people use canes, crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs to help them move around. It can be inconvenient for a person to carry things in their hands while using these devices. What can you design to help people hold or carry things more easily while they move around with a cane or wheelchair?

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Design Tips from Nate & Deysi

When you're designing, think about:

  • Think about the different things people might carry around during the day. Maybe a toy, a sketchpad and pencil, a cup of water, or a sweater?
  • What can you design that is easy to reach and to use? A pouch, tray, box, or something else?
  • How will your invention work? Will it attach to a cane or wheelchair? How will it keep things from spilling out?
  • What recycled or reused materials can you make your device out of?
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