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Starting in February 2016, DESIGN SQUAD is going global, connecting U.S. kids to their peers in other countries, challenging them to solve global engineering problems, and expanding their cross cultural understanding.

DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL builds on the strong educational foundation of the Emmy Award-winning digital initiative DESIGN SQUAD, which provides kids with one of the only places on the Web where they can safely share their engineering ideas and sketches with other kids.

And, coming in summer 2016, the DS GLOBAL Club Guide—a 10-session club that connects 10- to 13-year-olds in out-of-school programs around the world. At the heart of the club is a project in which kids from different countries work together toward a common goal. Over ten sessions, partner clubs will get to know each other, ask questions about each other's communities and countries, decide on an issue to work on together, share design ideas, and offer each other feedback. By collaborating with their partner club on global issues, these young engineers and inventors begin to discover that they can take action and make a difference in the world.

In collaboration with the global development organization FHI360, the DS GLOBAL Club Guide is currently being pilot tested at 14 afterschool programs in the U.S., Botswana, Swaziland, and South Africa. Researchers are conducting continuous data collection to learn as much as they can about what works, and doing on-going problem solving to improve the program.

There is a growing awareness that technical skills alone aren't enough to compete in a global economy. The call for equipping young people with what's needed to live in today's world—defined by the digital revolution and unprecedented human migration—is dominating education today. DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL is meeting that call.

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