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BuildBig.pngDesign Squad Nation has launched a new contest! It's a great fit for kids in classrooms, clubs, and after school programs.

We're asking kids to think big. Ginormous, actually! Here's the scoop...

Kids should:
  1. Form a team (with a team leader over the age of 18).
  2. Choose any activity from the Design Squad Nation web site. (There are a ton!)
  3. Build a big version of it. (Make it large and in charge!)
  4. Upload a video of the working design to YouTube. (Go viral, baby!)
The winning team will receive a super cool Flip Cam and have its project featured on the DSN web site!

This is the big time, people. Go big or go home! (Not really, that was just for dramatic effect. You'll still be welcome here either way.)

Read more about the contest HERE.

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