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Empire state of mind


It may be the birthplace of hip hop and the epicenter of Yankees baseball, but on January 14, 2011, the Bronx was home to something even more monumental: the official debut of our giant Pop Fly.

Okay, so maybe that comparison is a wee bit... grandiose. Maybe we won't be making it into Wikipedia under the entry for "The Bronx." But our weekend of events in NYC was a pretty big HUGE deal for us at Design Squad Nation!  

The Madison Square Boys & Girls Club couldn't have been a better place to kick off our giant Pop Fly's coast-to-coast tour. (DC and Cali, you're next!) Judy and Adam led 100 kids in the after school program through the table-top version of Pop Fly, then knocked their kid socks off with THIS maneuver. Is this an NBA halftime show in the making or what?

On the following day, we set up shop in Queens at the New York Hall of Science for Family Day. Twelve hundred kids and parents filled the museum for hands-on activities galore--Pop Fly! Kinetic Sculpture! Paper Table! Launch It! This time, Adam and Judy used the giant Pop Fly to catapult a volleyball into the crowd and this time, like last, the kids went wild!

Our weekend in New York was truly a thrill and we once again felt the magic as kids went bananas for engineering. The famous New York hip hop artist, Jay-Z, was onto something in his song, Empire State of Mind: Now you're in New York / These streets will make you feel brand new / Big lights will inspire you / Let's hear it for New York...

Consider us officially inspired. So thank you, Queens and The Bronx: Home of hip hop, the Yankees, and maybe even a few future engineers, too.

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