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Design Squad . . . NATION?


What's with all the changes around here, anyway?

Yes, we've got a new name and a new logo, and a few new other things (new web site, new show, new hosts, new blog...) But don't fret, die-hard Design Squad fans, we're not ALL new... more like "new and improved!"

We've still got the same great resources, but they're better organized and more robust. We're still producing a high-energy, challenge-based television show, but it showcases engineering in the real world (sorry reality competition junkies, but we think you'll love this, too). And most importantly, we've still got the same driving goal: Showing how with engineering, you can be creative, solve problems, and change the world.

So watch a sneak peak of the new show and let us know what you think of all things new and improved.

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