Wind Power

When the power goes out, it's called a "blackout." They can happen when a city or town is using too much electricity at once. In Cape Town, South Africa, there have been lots of blackouts recently. Charlotte, who lives there, was inspired to help her neighborhood. She designed something that uses wind power to make electricity. It's like a plastic blanket with many strings, which are made from a special material. This material creates a little electricity whenever it's bent. So, you can hang these blankets where the wind will blow on them, bending the strings and making electricity. Many blankets together can provide power during blackouts. 

One benefit of this design is that the blankets can be placed in many different areas such as under bridges, in subway tunnels, and other windy spots around the city. This could be a helpful way for people to have power, even during a blackout.

Click the image below to watch Charlotte introduce her idea.

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