Feel the Beat

When Jonah Kohn was trying to play guitar in a noisy room, he couldn't hear the music he was playing. This inspired him to help people who are deaf or who can't hear very well. He wondered if people might be able to feel music instead of listen to it. So he designed and built a device that would let people to feel musical melodies and rhythms. His prototype attaches to a person's fingers and chest, and it vibrates quickly at different speeds, called "frequencies." The body feels these vibrations, and the brain translates the frequencies into music. Jonah tested his device many times to find the perfect frequencies. One of the people who tried it said that she could feel specific instruments!

For people who don't hear well or can't hear at all, Jonah's design could change their lives. Imagine being able to feel a piece of music that you could never have experienced before!

Click on the image below to watch a video about Jonah's design process.

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