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Inside The Voting Booth

This activity introduces students to the history of suffrage in America, through the "Voting Time Machine," which presents case studies from different decades. Students also anticipate the time when they will be able to vote, through a customized, printable voter registration card, which also asks them to identify the issues they think are most important today.

Related Lesson Plans:

To Vote Or Not To Vote (SS, M, LA): Examine the history of voting rights in America, explore the current-day problem of low voter turnout, and create community surveys to evaluate different ways to improve voter registration and voter participation.

Why Vote: A Public Awareness Campaign (SS, LA): Learn about the important public services that government provides and by extension, the importance of voting in local, state and federal elections. Create a public service campaign to encourage adults in your community to vote.

Citizenship City (SS): Define "good citizen," explore ways for students to volunteer in the community, and create public service campaigns about the importance of civic responsibility.

Donkeys, Elephants, and Voters, Oh My! (SS, LA): Learn about political parties by creating new political parties and issue platforms. Plan for a mock convention.

All Aboard! (SS, M): Plan a "whistle stop" campaign train trip across the United States. Create slogans, songs, speeches. Use measurements of time and distance.