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How Does Government Affect Me?

A virtual tour of a town's buildings, roads, and parks teaches kids how federal, state, and local government decisions directly impact their community. This activity also provides a basic understanding of the branches of the federal government and balance of power.

Related Lesson Plans:

Why Vote: A Public Awareness Campaign (SS, LA): Learn about the important public services that government provides, and by extension, the importance of voting in local, state and federal elections. Create a public service campaign to encourage adults in your community to vote.

Tasty Mapping (SS, M): After learning about government services and branches of local government, students identify important landmarks, institutions, and structures within their own community, creating an edible map to share with classmates, parents and community members.

Graphically Speaking (M, SS): Explore the relationship between congressional representation and state population by graphing current statistics and taking a historical look at the Constitution.

Budget Making (M, SS): Introduce students to budgets, expenses and savings; learn about government services and basic expenses; and create pie charts representing government spending priorities.

City, County, Community (SS, LA): Define the attributes of good places to live and compare the local community to another American region. Create brochures describing local landmarks, amenities, and services for local distribution.