Episode Activities

In this area of the site, you'll find learning activities related to episodes of Scholastic's Clifford the Big Red Dog™ and Clifford's Puppy Days™ TV shows.

These activities reinforce the Big Idea/Idea to Grow On behind the episode and also develop subject-area skills. (To learn more about Clifford's Big Ideas/Ideas to Grow On, go to the Big Idea and Skills Index.)

The activities are fun and easy to do, and most are suitable for an individual child at home or for a group of children in a daycare center or classroom.

Clifford The Big Red Dog Episodes

My Best Friend (Episode 101a)
Cleo's Fair Share (Episode 101b)
Special Delivery (Episode 102a)
A Ferry Tale (Episode 102b)
And Birdy Makes Three (Episode 103a)
Home Is Where the Fun Is (Episode 103b)
Clifford's Carnival (Episode 104a)
Clifford's Doggy Reunion (Episode 104b)
The Great Race (Episode 105a)
Tummy Trouble (Episode 105b)
Cleo Comes to Town (Episode 106a)
False Friends (Episode 106b)
Clifford and the Beanstalk (Episode 107a)
Itchy Patch (Episode 107b)
A New Friend (Episode 108a)
Stormy Weather (Episode 108b)
Circus Stars (Episode 109a)
Limelight Fright (Episode 109b)
To Catch a Bird (Episode 110a)
The Best Party Ever (Episode 110b)
Come Back, Mac (Episode 111a)
Boo! (Episode 111b)
Little Clifford (Episode 112a)
Welcome to Birdwell Island (Episode 112b)
The Dog Who Cried Woof (Episode 113a)
Doing the Right Thing (Episode 113b)
Leaf of Absence (Episode 114a)
Nobody's Perfect (Episode 114b)
Teacher's Pet (Episode 115a)
Islander of the Year (Episode 115b)
The Ears Have It (Episode 116a)
Clifford's Big Surprise (Episode 116b)
Tough Enough (Episode 117a)
Stars in Your Eyes (Episode 117b)
Mac's Secret Dog Club (Episode 118a)
The Dog Park (Episode 118b)
Fluffed-Up Cleo (Episode 119a)
Team Spirit (Episode 119b)
Clifford on Parade (Episode 120a)
Follow the Leader (Episode 120b)
Good-Bye T-Bone (Episode 121a)
The Truth About Dogs and Cats (Episode121b)
The Big Sleepover (Episode 122a)
Dog for a Day (Episode 122b)
T-Bone, Dog About Town (Episode 123a)
Clifford's Big Heart (Episode 123b)
Who, Me, Jealous? (Episode 124a)
A Bunny in a Haystack (Episode 124b)
Clothes Don't Make the Dog (Episode 125a)
Short-Changed (Episode 125b)
The Kibble Crook (Episode 126a)
Screaming for Ice Cream (Episode 126b)
New Dog in Town (Episode 127a)
Get Well (Episode 127b)
Babysitter Blues (Episode 128a)
Saturday Morning (Episode 128b)
Best Paw Forward (Episode 129a)
Then Came Bob (Episode129b)
Friends, Morning, Noon, and Night (Episode 130a)
Mr. Bleakman's Special Day (Episode130b)
Welcome to the Doghouse (Episode 131a)
Promises, Promises (Episode 131b)
Clifford's Hiccups (Episode 132a)
It's My Party (Episode 132b)
Clifford Cleans His Doghouse (Episode 133a)
And Baby Makes Four (Episode 133b)
Jetta's Tall Tale (Episode 134a)
The Big Fetch (Episode 134b)
Potluck Party Pooper (Episode 135a)
The Best Gift (Episode 135b)
Two's Company (Episode 136a)
Fair-Weather Friend (Episode136b)
Doggie Garden (Episode 137a)
Captain Birdwell's Treasure (Episode 137b)
Topsy Turvy Day (Episode 138a)
Clifford's Charm School (Episode 138b)
Forgive and Forget (Episode 139a)
Mimi's Back in Town (Episode 139b)
Blanket Blues (Episode 140a)
Dino Clifford (Episode 140b)
Cleo's Valentine Surprise (Episode 207b)
Princess Cleo (Episode 209a)
Basketball Stories (Episode 209b)
Doggie Detectives (Episode 210a)
Camping It Up (Episode 210b)
Cleo Gets a Cone (Episode 211a)
A Job Well Read (Episode 211b)
When I Grow Up (Episode 212a)
Not Now, I'm Busy (Episode 212b)
Special T-Bone (Episode 213a)
Jetta's Sneak Peak (Episode 213b)
Vaz Goes Down the Tube (Episode 214a)
Cyber Puppy Problems (Episode 214b)
Another Fine Mess (Episode 215a)
King Mac (Episode 215b)
Who Moved My Bone (Episode 216a)
Clifford the Pirate King (Episode 216b)
Clifford's Cookie Craving (Episode 217a)
Jetta's Friend (Episode 217b)
Fishing Lessons (Episode 218a)
No Baths for Cleo (Episode 218b)

Clifford's Puppy Days Episodes

Socks and Snooze (Episode P101a)
Keeping Cool (Episode P101b)
The Monster in 3-B (Episode P102a)
Cat-tastrophe (Episode P102b)
Jorge and the Dog Run (Episode P103a)
Clifford's Clubhouse (Episode P103b)
Paw Print Picasso (Episode P104a)
Hup-Hup (Episode P104b)
Sock It To Me (Episode P105a)
My Toy (Episode P105b)
Friends of All Ages (Episode P106a)
Clifford's Super Sleepover (Episode P106b)
Clifford's Field Trip (Episode P107a)
Helping Paws (Episode P107b)
Nina's Perfect Party (Episode P108a)
Just the Right Size (Episode P108b)
Something Special (Episode P109a)
Shun in the Game (Episode P109b)
Clifford's Winter Spirit (Episode P110a)
Flo-motion (Episode P110b)
No Small Parts, Only Small Puppies (Episode P111a)
Fine Feathered Friends (Episode P111b)
Sing a Song Norville (Episode P112a)
Tell Me a Tale (Episode P112b)
Hoop Dreams (Episode P113a)
Doggie Duds (Episode P113b)
Best Nest (Episode P114a)
Practice Makes Perfect (Episode P114b)
Your Secret Valentine (Episode P115a)
Perfect Pet (Episode P115b)
My Blanky (Episode P116a)
With Friends Like You (Episode P116b)
Time Out (Episode P117a)
Sniff, Sniff (Episode P117b)
A Promise is a Promise (Episode P118a)
Share and Share Alike (Episode P118b)
Fall Feast (Episode P119a)
Norville's New Game (Episode P119b)
Oh, Brother! (Episode P120a)
Up, Up, and Oops! (Episode P120b)
Moving On (Episode P121a)
Fair is Fair (Episode P121b)
Grooming Gloom (Episode P122a)
The Letter (Episode P122b)
Adopt-a-Pup (Episode P123a)
Jokes On You (Episode P123b)
Lights, Camera, Action! (Episode P124a)
Basketball Babysitter (Episode P124b)
The Halloween Bandit (Episode P125a)
An Honest Spin (Episode P125b)

Printable Pages

All the printable pages for offline activities are listed below. Young children may need your help with cutting and pasting activities.

Clifford (coloring page)
Emily Elizabeth (coloring page)
Cleo (coloring page)
T-Bone (coloring page)
Emily Elizabeth's House (to color, cut out, and assemble)
T-Bone's House (to color, cut out, and assemble)
Clifford's House (to color, cut out, and assemble)
Bakery (to color, cut out, and assemble)
Optician's Office (to color, cut out, and assemble)
Dog Groomer's Building (to color, cut out, and assemble)
Emily Elizabeth's Mom and Dad (coloring page)
Charley and Samuel (coloring page)
Jetta and Mac (coloring page)
Draw Clifford (how-to style sheet)
Clifford's Sketch Pad (for original drawings)
Clifford's Dot-to-Dot (connect the dots to draw Clifford)
Clifford's Matching Game (to color, cut out, and play)

You can preview the printable pages here:

Let's Color!

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