Cleo tells her friends that she doesn't want to play today. But the truth is--she really doesn't want to share the new toy that Mrs. Diller gave her for being a good dog at the grooming shop. Before long, Cleo realizes that it's not much fun playing alone.

Clifford's Big Idea: ShareClifford's Big Idea: Share

When children are given creative opportunities to share, they become more aware of how important sharing is and just how fun and rewarding it can be. Learning how to share can teach children compassion and the value of serving others. The following activities nurture:

  • language and literacy skills
  • physical and motor skills
  • critical thinking and problem solving skills

Share the Fun!Share the Fun!

Take turns with your child naming as many animals as you can that move with or without legs. Categorize animals into groups with two, four or more legs. Together, imitate how animals can move: fast or slow, swim or fly, slither, climb, run, hop, gallop, bounce, etc. Afterwards, have fun making up simple riddles for each animal! Example: What's has long ears, a fuzzy tail and hops around? Answer: A rabbit!

Share All Year Long!Share All Year Long!

Take your child on a journey through the calendar marking special birthdays, events, anniversaries, etc. Develop a habit of checking the calendar daily for current and future dates that call for doing something special for someone else. Share acts of kindness by creating a homemade card, making a phone call, or sharing time with others throughout the year.

Sharing LibrarySharing Library

With a Group:
Begin a children's "Sharing Library" by accepting donated books or having children contribute favorite books from home. Before organizing the books, take a trip to the local library with your child to discover how books are categorized, checked in and out, and cared for. Ask for tips on how to begin organizing a small library. Involve your child in the process of sorting through the donated books. Also, be sure to explain and show your child how technology has changed the way people today use the library. With some time and effort, the "Sharing Library" you and your child have put together can grow to be a treasured resource and inspiration for other young bibliophiles... a fancy word for booklovers!

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